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Educational Websites

Nova web business have been designing educational websites for 5 years. We have help many educational institution to promote their company to the public via online. Th success rate  of getting more leads is amazing. Our clients told us that they have tap into additional 80% revenue since they engage Nova Web business. The idea of designing a good educational websites lies on 4 core elements. 1. Good Educational Articles. 2. Good educational resource 3. Pool of Students (Traffic) and 4. Amazing web design

All these core values will help in the success of educational business. If you are looking to start up an online website please drop us a message or call us at 012-4594388. We strive for every websites. We ensure the websites launch with success without much problems

education website


Penang Web Design

Congrats if you are living in Penang. If you are searching for a web design + web SEO, you have landed on the right page. At Nova, we specialized in web design and SEO. We dont just build websites but we provide consultations to help our clients to pull in leads via the website. Currently we have a handful of customers who has made it quite well in the online world

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