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Mobile Apps

Novawebbusiness is one of  the first Mobile Apps Developer in Penang. We have been developing mobile apps for both Android and IOS for the past 3 years. It is amazing how much we have progress for the past 5 years in software development.  If you are looking for affordable mobile apps developer in Penang, you may want to engage our services

Why choose us?

  1. We can give you the first beta applications within 1st month.
  2. We troubleshoot and debug the bugs and fixes before releasing to the public
  3. We help you to manage the server and we act as your IT personal  both the Server and Mobile Aps(We are committed 100% to bring the best value to your company)
  4. We follow up and fixes problem immediately
  5. We developed and provide ground up design with massive customization. Your system will be unique to your company


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Web Design Solutions

We have just set up another office in Pahang for the Web Design Team. We would like to celebrate our first anniversary and ever since we have been developing more and more websites for companies across Malaysia. Our services have expand to most part of Malaysian.  Most of the companies choose us because we give continuous support to the project. Even after the completion of the project you can always rely on us. If any of you reside in Pahang and needs our web design services, do contact me for more information

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