Simple Website Developer – Penang

Are you looking for simple website development in Penang. We provide simple and cost effective web development small scale industry. Our development from single page ranges from RM 800 to RM 1600. Here is our price list if you are looking for simple and cost effective web development


  1. One page website
  2. 1GB Hosting
  3. 10GB Data transfer
  4. Basic SEO insertion
  5. Free Domain Name
  6. No Cpanel Access
  7. No File Manager Access
  8. Images must be provided by clients

Price : RM 800 (No meet up, We will deal via email or phone)
Domain RM 100 not included


  1. 5 page website design (Slider, Forms, Shopping Cart)
  2. 5GB Hosting
  3. 10GB Data transfer
  4. Basic SEO insertion
  5. Free Domain Name
  6. We provide Cpanel Access
  7. Free SSL from Cpanel provided
  8. Email abc@yourcompany.com
  9. Fast Speed SSD Storage
  10. Server location will be in Singapore/ Hong Kong/ US you can select your data Center
  11. Google map and Business listing
  12. Credit card payment integration via pay pal/ ipay 88 or etc
  13. RM 250 Credit to purchase Super HD quality images to make the website looks nice
  14. Free Domain and Hosting for First Year

Price : Min RM 3200 



Social Media Company – Web Design

Nova Webbusiness provides Social Media management services. Our services ranges from

  1. Posting (Insta/Facebook/Hubpages/ Microblogs)
  2. Boosting (Insta/Facebook/Hubpages/ Microblogs)
  3. Leads Generation (Facebook and Insta)
  4. Content Creation (Multi platform)
  5. Image Creation
  6. Video Doodle Creation for product demo (Youtube/ Insta/Facebook)
  7. Viral Marketing

I you are looking for the services above, we are able to assist you. We do provide web design services too. Get in touch with us now