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    Web Development

    Here are some of the websites we build for clients.

    1. Blogsites – Premium Mag Style
    2. Company Profile Page
    3. Ecommerce Websites
    4. Custom System Base Website

    We use the following technology to build your website

    1. WordPress (most affordable for SMI)
    2. HTML CSS Boostrap
    3. PHP + HTML + MySQL + Boostrap
    4. Javascript Website

    Mobile Apps Development

    Some of the mobile apps we build with collaboration from Hexnetics Sdn. Bhd.

    1. Mobile App Client Side + Admin Management System
    2. Mobile App Client + Merchant + Admin Management Sytem
    3. Admin Management System
    4. All source code are sold separate

    Technology Used

    1. Cake PHP
    2. Javascript
    3. Flutter
    4. Lua

    SEO Services

    1. SEO Optimisation
    2. Articles Submission (10 Articles)
    3. Keyword Generator (Ranking up 3-4 keywords)
    4. Competition with peers report (1 report)
    5. Page 1 ranker in google and yahoo any other search (90% success rate)
    6. Premium web building  (5 popular sites) – These are top rated sites within the same industry
    7. 2 Microblogs
    8. Google Webmaster

    Social Media Advertising

    Some of our services we offer to you.  Please consult our expert before you place any order. We would like to consult you

    1. Facebook ads Management
    2. Instagram ads Management
    3. Youtube ads Management
    4. LinkedIn ads Management
    5. Image Harmonization
    6. Video Harmonization
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