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Ultimate Coding Class for Graduates!

In collaboration with Code Genius, Nova Web Penang brings you an all-encompassing coding program meticulously designed for IT graduates. This intensive 2-week boot camp, priced at RM 9000, guarantees a transformative learning experience, covering four fundamental coding languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, and WordPress.

During the 10-day classes, participants will immerse themselves in 42 hours of personalized 1-to-1 sessions with our seasoned trainers. Open to individuals with no coding background, the class focuses on foundational principles and hands-on projects. By the program’s conclusion, participants will be adept at independently coding websites, from building templates to crafting designs from scratch.


Key program topics include:

  • HTML: Grasping the foundation of web development, creating structured and semantic content.
  • CSS: Mastering the art of styling and formatting HTML elements for captivating design and layout.
  • Javascript: Exploring the dynamic aspects of web development, incorporating interactivity and functionality.
  • WordPress: Diving into the popular content management system, empowering participants to efficiently create and manage websites.
  • Github: Gaining expertise in version control and collaborative coding through Git, a crucial skill for effective teamwork in software development.
  • Shared Hosting: Understanding the essentials of hosting a website on a shared server, encompassing configuration and management.


This coding class is highly recommended for graduates, providing them with the essential skills and confidence needed to excel in the competitive software industry. Don’t miss the chance to acquire practical experience and emerge well-prepared for a successful coding career.


  1. Choose between in-person classes and convenient online coding sessions.
  2. No coding experience is required, and the class is designed to be beginner-friendly with no prerequisite math or programming knowledge.
  3. Upon completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from our esteemed Software House. Join us on this coding journey – your gateway to a thriving career in the dynamic world of programming!


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