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Web Design Penang with Chat Sytem


Nova Web design Penang would like to introduce to you Free Installation of Web chat System. We are offering this services to all our new clients with no Extra cost. This offer is only available till the month 31 August.

Is this FREE?
Yes, system is FREE as long as the company does makes it free.

What is your Perks?
1) Free Installation and integration
2) Setting up Pre Chat form to do basic funnelling
3) Setting up Account for your sales team

Additional Ads On
We are charging RM 500 for funneling. We will be providing detail funneling program and you will learn the method and tricks how you can use the chat system to pitch your product. Very effective to close sales.


2019 Best Web Design Company

No Doubt the Best Web Design Company  would be NOVA WEB Business. We have been running the business for more than 10 years. And server up to 300 clients

From the basic website into a mobile responsive site. Get it done within a week. Do you know that online store can bring in 30% higher sales to your overall revenue? Do you know that a mobile responsive site yield 70% more traffic?

Lets look at the comparison between the sales funnel generated by desktop and mobile phones.

Look!!!! more than 70% of viewer are from mobile phones. So what are you waiting for ? Is your website performing amazinly?


Top 5 Web Design Company in Penang

We at Nova provides top 10 web design services in Penang. We are the best web design company in Penang. Our price is competitive and we do not compromise quality quality for cost.

  1. Great artistic design
    • Simplistic and clean
    • Great GUI with animation included
    • Banner designs with great caption
    • Great title for link bait
  2. User friendly interface
    • Simple to use interface
    • Drag and drop if client would like to change images or include text
    • Comes with content editor
  3. Custom system interface
    • Customised design
  4. Website with great SEO Services
  5. Mobile Friendly Website
    • Responsive design so that phones and table can view perfectly
  6. Custom website submission to other marketplace
  7. Mobile Apps Application
    • Customised mobile apps application.
    • Analytics apps
    • Services apps
    • Submission to google account
    • Submission to apple account
  8. Integration to shopping cart
    • Credit card payment
    • Pay pal payment
  9. Integration to social media
    • Facebook
  10. Integration to mail chimp for newsletter system