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Affordable Hosting In Penang

We are providing affordable 50% SSD hosting to anyone who registered in November 2018. This is in conjunction to the celebration for 11.11.18. We hope you are able make full use and opportunity to start your online business.

Common Questions

  1. How long will this offer last? Valid for the month of Nov 2018
  2. What is SSD Hosting ? New hosting technology with better speed
  3. Is it only valid for 1st Year ? Yes, It is only valid for 1st year. For the subsequent year the price is RM 400.
  4. Is this a managed wordpress hosting? Yes, If you need us to managed for 2nd year, the price is RM 600
  5. RM 600 for a wordpress hosting after the 1st year? So expensive ? Yes the priced is fixed. Ask yourself this, will any hosting company give you the whatsapp number so that you can bother them with request ? Are you tired of submitting ticket and wait for response. What we are saying is, we provide you ultimate support when comes to hosting solutions. 



Web Design Penang 2018 (WEB + TRAINING )

Web Design & Development PENANG with great features this 2018. At Nova, we are certain that all our web design packages will be suitable for all industries. With as low as  RM 4500 you don’t just buy a website, you will learn the right skills to managed and promote your website.

  1. Fully Licensed Theme  WORTH RM 400
  2. 5 Pages of Dynamic Static Page  WORTH RM 2500
  3. Social Media Marketing Tools WORTH RM 900
  4. Competitor Analysis Tools for your business WORTH RM 600
  5. SEO Bundle WORTH RM 2500
  6. Hosting Plan with SSD and Super Cache  WORTH RM 600
  7. Training WORTH RM 2800
    1. CPANEL
      1. Checking Cpanel disk usage
      2. Checking for files or email account due to overuse
      3. How to do a proper email migration
      4. Difference between POP3 and IMAP
      5. Creating a proper and configuring SMTP
      6. How to backup the cpanel
      1. What is BOOST
        1. Configuring Boost to target the right group
        2. Optimising Boost to target specific MARKET OR GROUP OF PPL
      2. What is Facebook Call
      3. Facebook Leads
        1. Configuring Boost to target the right group
        2. Optimising Boost to target specific MARKET OR GROUP OF PPL




(You don’t just ask us to design, you will learn about managing your website too.)



Professional Web Design Penang

Get yourself a professional web design services in Penang. With our penal of expert you will be glad that you came to us for help. 100% value pack for your company. Why choose us

  1. Great Web Design
  2. SEO build in
  3. SEM Integration
  4. Great web speed
  5. 99.99% uptime
  6. Able to access across the globe
  7. 30% ROI conversion
  8. Super Saver
  9. Maintenance included

Sign up to day and you will get FREE 1 year ULTRA speed Hosting

  • FREE CDN Cloudflare
  • FREE SSL Cert
  • FREE SSD Storage
  • FREE Memcache
  • FREE Dedicated WordPress basic support for 1 year
  • And Many more

Normal Hosting is RM 800/year but today we are giving it FREE to you with just basic Web design. This Promo package is only available for package with RM 3K of web design. Just bare in mind that the ULTRA Speed package is only valid for first year.

Valid for November