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Online Marketing + Web Design

Online Marketing Company with Web Design in Penang. Yes you stumble across Nova!!!! We are pioneers web design company specializing in digital marketing. When we build a website, we consider the marketing aspect. It is all about having a nice website with tons of potential sales leads.

Just drop me a call at 012-4594388. I will help you to do indepth analysis how you can beat your competitors hands down. The Fees are RM 29.00 just for the consultation. It comes

  1. A report
  2. Competitor Analysis
  3. Keyword Analysis
  4. Trust Score



Best Web Design Company in Penang

Best Web Design Company in Penang Malaysia

Nova is the best web design company in Penang. We are not shy to claim ourselves the best because we do not just build websites but help you in your online business solutions. Look at our flowchart and we will tell you why we are the best.

Why Us

  • We provide both ONLINE, TELEPHONE and ON-SITE support
  • We guarantee do not run away from problems related to your website
  • We can provide training

Why Others Web Developer unreliable

  • Look at other web developers. They only provide online support. Meaning you will need to raise ticket to solve your problem. They do not provide phone support and On-Site Support. Imagine when you have problems, you are unable to reach them. Dont you get piss off ?
  • They run away from problems telling you that it is your problem. Sucks right!!!!!!
  • They provide unreliable training. A training that wont be able to help you in your website

Call us today at 012-4594388