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Penang Web Design & Development

Nova designs from simple to complicated webpage. We understand that a website is like a shop where it should allure customers to understand more about a company. Nova provides clean and minimalist design where it does not compromise trendiness and features. If you are really interested to learn more about our products, why not give Nova a call and we will be glad to assist you. Just for your information, we are located in Tanjung Bunga Penang



Worst Web Designer in Penang

Beware of bad web designer in Penang. They normally cause more harm than good. We have come across several and poor quality web designer in Penang and to be frank their price is very expensive.

How to avoid bad web designer

  1. Never engage web designer who is never keen in understanding business nature
  2. Never engage web designer who never looks into SEO or SEM
  3. Never engage any web designer who never try to engage social media
  4. Never engage web designer who does complex website. Look at all the top companies, their website is super simple because it is customer engaging
  5. Never engage web designer who never picks up your call

Who should you trust then?
Try calling us. We do not claim to the best developer in Penang, but it is a start. If you are looking for effective web design with marketing concept. Please do not be shy to get in touch with us


Penang Web Design Ecommerce with Twitter Facebook and Instagram


At Nova (located : Penang, Web Design Company), we emphasized a lot on Digital Marketing. Most of the web developer and online digital marketing shy away from Instagram Marketing, Twitter Marketing and even Google Plus Marketing.

5 minutes digital marketing

If you look around you, most of the Online marketing are just pushing hard on Facebook marketing and SEO. If you just follow them blindly you will be buried alive in the digital world. Marketing concept changes today, we are looking at bigger tools to do our marketing which involves massive social media marketing. By leveraging on the social media tools other than Facebook, you will discover new sales lead.

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