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Web Design Penang – Cheap

Looking for cheap or ultra cheap Web design company in Penang? Yes you found the right company. To be honest we charge you affordable price. We cant really give you super dupper cheap price because we do not use pirated software and images. When we quote you for a web design, you can be sure that all the items comes with license.

How to Redeem 30% off ?

Step 1:
Ask our sales rep to come to your office to discuss about your online project

Step 2:

When we quote you a web design. You will be given a grace period of 3 days to make 70% of the full payment

Step 3:
Enjoy and the project will begin.

The 70% is only entitle for new web design project. The promotion will valid from 15 December 2016 till 15 January 2016.


Web Design Pulau Pinang

Nova is a leading Web Design Company in Pulau Pinang (Web Design Penang). There are many reasons why big companies choose us instead of our peers. Among the reasons are

  1. Trust worthy
  2. We dont just build website- We are also helping in ranking and marketing “Every web design company can design website but how many will continue to stay with you and help you with the marketing. I will have to say NONE“-The minute you make the full payment they will leave you and you will be alone. Not to mention that the web master will not care for you anymore
  3. It is not just a website. You are buying the marketing as well

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