Deal Site Website Installation

Want to own a deal site such as the one similar to Coupon websites. These are the latest e-commerce website available for many enthusiast business owner. The website looks very similar like Groupon but they have some twist of design. If you are interested, you may give us a call. Since this is just a template website with many integration, the price of installation this website is relatively cheap compared to a total rebuild.  Just give me a call at 012-4594388 if you would need any of this service.

Please understand we do not custom build the Deal Site. It would cost like RM 35k and above to create a site like deal site. What we provide are template design for your deal site.


  1. Installation on the server side
  2. Installation of the website
  3. Custom Logo Design
  4. 10 products set up
  5. Setting up the module (Merchant Account, Management Tools, Payment Gateway)
  6. Training to help you in the web design ( 1 day training)
  7. Domain and Hosting page

What elsewe may help (Additional features from Nova):

  1. We can continue to work on the voucher design for you
  2. Constantly updates your deal site
  3. Graphic Design on Pages to make it looks fresh
  4. Photography Design