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Free SEO Services in Penang

We are providing Free SEO services in Penang for just limited time. Yes it is not a complete solution but the SEO services will get you somewhere. You do not need to spend thousands of Ringgit just to get your website up to the 1st page ranking.  We will help you.

Why giving are we giving  free SEO services?
The reason why we are going to give it free is to expose your business and to let you witness how much SEO services can help you to achieve better leads target.

Will it be free Forever?
Unfortunately nope because SEO needs constant monitoring and constant changes. It is not about one day job.

How long would it be FREE?
Duration will be one year. After that one year you will need to decide to continue with the SEO services.

What is the regular price after the FREE contract Ends
The price will be RM 600 yearly


Responsive Web Design Penang

We will be giving 60% web design promotion to any business owners who wants start a new website. This offer is only valid for first time business owner who have zero knowledge in online business world.  We will be helping you to

  1. Set up Domain Name
  2. Hosting Account
  3. Design a website 3 pages of design
  4. 5 hours to understand your traditional business and provide consultation to guide you to bring your business online.
  5. Introducing to SEO services.
  6. Terms and condition apply.

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