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Penang Web Design Ecommerce with Twitter Facebook and Instagram


At Nova (located : Penang, Web Design Company), we emphasized a lot on Digital Marketing. Most of the web developer and online digital marketing shy away from Instagram Marketing, Twitter Marketing and even Google Plus Marketing.

5 minutes digital marketing

If you look around you, most of the Online marketing are just pushing hard on Facebook marketing and SEO. If you just follow them blindly you will be buried alive in the digital world. Marketing concept changes today, we are looking at bigger tools to do our marketing which involves massive social media marketing. By leveraging on the social media tools other than Facebook, you will discover new sales lead.

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The Price of Web Design in Penang

How much is  price to design a website in Penang? It is all depending on the scale and features. A simple website will cost around RM 500. Yes that is the cost of the website excluding the hosting and the support services. At Nova, we do not overcharged our clients. The table below shows the list of our services. Please understand that we charge extra if you need features such as shopping cart, Newsletter system, portfolio management system and etc. Do give us a call if you nee d any of our services

Web Design
Web Design: RM 500 – RM 2400 (minimum design)
Apps Design (Web Version)
Apps Design RM 2500 (minimum design)
Web + Apps Design
Web and App Design : RM 3000 min