Build Classifieds Websites

Looking for Penang Web Design for your Classifieds Site?If you are planning to run an advertising board, you may want to consider our services. We help advertising company to install and customized advertising board. We hep you to  set up a reliable hosting site with great design for your listing site

Here are some of our features


Featured listing on the website which
● 4 Pages (About Us, Listings, Adverisement, Discounts, Contact Us)
● Featured Slider Page on front page
● 10 categories for all your listings
● Able to insert image up to 3 images per listings
● Able to insert other details (Name, Address, Websites and Email, Phone, Facebook Link, Twitter)
● Able to run promotions discounts coupons
● Responsive Website for Mobile User
● Admin delegations(You can delegate your respobsibility to other admin)
● Unlimited listing pages
● Company’s Email Address to your staff under
● CMS TechnologyContent
Management System
● POP Up Windows for Quizzes
● RSS Feeds Meaning
you can advertise on other ppl website when you exchange RSS Feeds
● Macrosite technology. This will enable you to charge customer for macrosite. Thos who does not have
a website can use this feature. To install this there will be additional charges.(Recommended:RM 1K
per design)
● Daily and Weekly Backup