Best Web Design Company Penang

Nova is the Best web design company in Penang. There is no doubt and unbeatable because we do not just help you to design an elegant website but we even provide you FREE consultation.  Just for your information Nova offers two ultimate services which bundle with the web design

  1. Business Consultation
  2. Web Flow

The two core elements are important in establishing an effective website. There are more than 1000 websites in Penang alone and most of the websites are not making any progress to their business. With Nova’s help, we ensure you that your website does not only looks nice but workable

Business Consultation

  • We provide you consultation how you can position your website so that you optimized your sales lead
  • We tell you what is WORKABLE and what is NOT WORKABLE
  • We advised you the demographics (Identify the target market for you)
  • We advised you where is your current market is in the world wide web
  • We help you in the SEO, Social Bookmarking, Backlinks generator, Articles creation, Articles submission and many more
  • We even advised you when you want to implement Adwords or Retargeter

You want to set up a an online business. We help you and explain to you with comparison between two geographical area and tell what are the branding strategy so that you can implement in  your websites. We even help you in competitor analysis and provide you with the report too

Web Flow 

You may have your idea what you want in the website but you do not understand what the customer wants. We help to identify the flowchart how the web navigation will look like. It is important since a good website should help your company in sales generation and even leads generation