Fast Speed Website Design in Penang, Malaysia

Nova Lighting guaranteed

Looking for fast speed website design in Penang or Malaysia? Now we are promoting Lightning package where we deliver your website in 2 days. Amazing right!! There are condition if you need a fast and reliable websites

Here are the lists

  1. You will need to use our hosting
  2. Website should not be more than 3 pages inclusive of front page
    • Front Page (Cutomer must provide up to 200 words)
    • Services (1 Image for services)
    • Contact us form (Clients must use gmail)
  3. Images should be provided or purchased from shutterstock.
  4. Banner images (2 images)

Price RM 1800 + RM 380 yearly maintenance

Additional Features
– We will charge you RM 300 for free 1 video display on front page
– Automate link from facebook to website to make content updgrade easier