WordPress Plugins Slows down Website


Installation wordpress with tons on plugins is bad for your website. Most of the plugins will use lots of javascript.  Since javascript increases  of loading time, there will be no doubt it slows down your website.  It is always advisable to reduce the usage of plugins in your wordpress. Here are some of the plugins which eat up your loading speed

  1. Elementor
  2. WP Bakery
  3. Visual Composer
  4. Layer Slider
  5. Revolusion Slider

90% or the websites around the world use the 5 plugins above. Kind of scary to think of it.  What happens if your loading time increases? Loading influence your ranking. The slower your website, the harder seach engine crawls your website. So next time before you install any plugin, ask  yourself… ‘Do i really need it?’ – Alternatively you may upgrade your website to VPS for better performance.