Gif Animation SEO


There are times when we need to use GIF to enhance our web engagement. The question real question is, will GIF impact SEO? Does it bring more harm than good to your website?
Nova Web design Penang has the answer for this. Gif is not not bad for SEO. You can implement gif as long as it does not impact your loading speed. Reduce the number of frames to 2-3 images. Make sure the size of the GIF is less that 100KB.

Tips to include gif in your website

  1. Make sure the gif total size is less than 100KB
  2. Make sure you limit to 2 Gif files per page.
  3. Never rely on the over text.


GIF can help in web engagement. You can use gif to attract visitors to click on the button. Placing gif at the right position can convert potential visitors to click a product or a button. Check out the how gif play its role to entice visitors to click on a button

Sample ONE


Left shows a normal image while right shows the GIF file. The right seems to stand out compared to the left. Visitors will surely click on the second animated image. IF you notice most of the gambling websites or money broker websites tend to use “Red and Yellow” animated GIF to attract visitors.


Sample TWO

Left is just a simple image while right is the GIF image with slight animation. Very subtle animation. It does the trick when you do not want a very obvious animated images.