Bing Places


As we are all moving into the AI world, it is undoubtedly important to understand the role Microsoft Bing is playing. Bing is an alternative search engine to google and due to the release of chat GPT, more and more users will be using BING and Internet Explorer.

CLAIM FROM YOUR  Bing/ Edge Search Engine

Step 1:
Claim your Big listings. By logging into the

Step 2:
Complete your listing profile by describing your business, photos, services, hours of operation and ways how your clients can reach you

Step 3:
Verify your listings by business address, phone or email.  Usually, Bing Business Place will ask you to verify via business address.

What are the advantages of listing in Bing Business Places?
Since Bing will be integrated with ChatGPT, there are tons of advantages if you use their services. It helps to train ChatGPT to recognise your business and eventually trained ChatGPT to promote your business when visitors search via Bing search engine