Top 10 Web DesignerS in Penang

Nova Web Design is one of the best web design companies in Malaysia. Nova does not only focus on technicality when developing a website, we design websites that work in terms of usability and practicality. When we build websites we help you to define what you need and what is not needed. We provide solutions so that the web development cost is within your budget.

Here are the key points we focus on when providing web design solutions

The Design

  1. Is the design clear and self-presentable to the readers?
  2. Is the website pleasing to the readers when reading it?
  3. Is the design easy to navigate from one page to another page?
  4. Does the design have CLICK TO ACTION?
  5. Does the web have any web applications which is unique to the business nature?

The Target Market

  1. Who is reading the website? Is this a B2C, B2B or Internal Teams?
  2. Does the website serve as information, e-commerce portal or other?
  3. How to implement a good SEO if needed by clients?
  4. How to implement good SEM if needed by clients?


  1. Do you need any specific system?
  2. Do you need to track visitors?
  3. Any integration to the external systems?


  1. What is your budget on the server?
  2. Are you planning to use shared hosting, VPS or Dedicated Server?
  3. Are you looking to backup daily, weekly, monthly or yearly?
  4. Do you need caching?
  5. Do you need CPANEL?
  6. Do you need Email?