Muslim Friendly Website

Nova Web Penang would be opting for a Muslim Friendly Website. The term “Muslim Friendly Website ” means that we try to stay compliant to the following rules when developing your website.

The website created will abide the following rules

  1.  Avoiding content that may be considered immodest or offensive to Muslims and, in some cases, providing information about modest dress codes.
  2. Offering content in multiple languages, including translations in Arabic for broader accessibility.
  3.  Implementing robust privacy and data security measures to protect the personal information and privacy of users.
  4. Avoiding content that may be considered blasphemous or offensive to Islamic beliefs and values.

Tools used to build website

  1. We will be using more of open source tools
  2. We will be hosting your website with a Muslim run hosting provider to ensure that Muslim feels comfortable that they are in the right hand

We understand that most of the Muslim would to use products that do not directly contribute to the Gaza war. We are trying our level best to promote that.