Beautiful Web App Dashboard

Looking for a stunning Web App Dashboard?  If you are running an application on your website, it is important to have a professional web app dashboard.  Nova provides a cool dashboard design for your web application. Why do you need a professionally made Web App Dashboard? All of us understand the importance of data? Data that is well represented can help to understand sales, operation, distribution and management. When data is well organised, we are able to analyse information accurately.

Some tips to represent your data in the web app dashboard.

  1. Always represent data as minimalistic as possible.
  2. Important information like sales/inventories/sales orders should be placed on the top of the dashboard
  3. A good dashboard should have a vertical menu position.
  4. Use simple icons and colours to highlight important information
  5. Use charts to represent data visually
  6. If you are planning to include table, make sure it has sorting functions for easy data navigation.


Here are some of the samples