What Happens When you Dont Renew Domain

When you don’t renew your domain after expiry, you will end up in the Renewal Grace Period, during this period you need to pay additional fees if you are still keen to continue using the domain. If the owner refuses to renew the domain then this domain will be forced to enter a Domain Redemption period. Int this stage, higher additional fees will be imposed if the owner wants to continue using the domain. Eventually, if the owner still refuses to pay for the domain, the domain will be deleted and released to the public.

Ok, let’s discuss beyond releasing it to the public.

Sometimes it is good to keep the domain if you are no longer running the business or website. Many people prefer to purchase an old domain and abuse it. Let me give you a scenario of how your unrenewed domains are used to scam others

Let’s say you used to run a small business ” Joe School’s Sports &  Equipments”. You did have a website and a domain (www.sampleJoesports.com) now no longer want to continue your business. You have decided to terminate the website and release the domain back to the public. Scammers will purchase the domain for several usages

  • Create a similar website to offer the same services. Scammers  can scam your loyal customers and friends
  • Use the domain and integrate it to send out massive mail.
  • Use your domain to create fake Invoices
  • Use your domain and subscribe to other services
  • Use your domain and host illicit content

Your reputation is worth more than the cost of the domain. Always remember not to give up your domain. Keep it for a few years.