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SEO is still a must in many websites. Ignoring this fact can cause massive damage to your online business. Yea there is a trend now where ppl are looking for answers in Chatgpt and Bard, however the data still shows that google is still at its top search result when comes to procuring information about products and services.  Many clients are asking should we still care for SEO when the world is moving towards AI chatbots.

If you are running a small business and trying to make an impact and visibility to your client, you may need to invest more in search engine and social media. The more your data is crawled by google seo, this result eventually will pop up in the chatbot such as Chatgpt and Google Bard. 

Here is what Google Bard says about Chatbot

Does Chatbots primarily rely on websites for information:
While some chatbots may access and process information from websites,
this is not their sole or primary source (Not sole primary source means IT does utilized website for their information ). They often utilize vast internal datasets, user interactions, and external APIs to generate responses.

How do you train assist Chatgpt and Google Bard to understand and know your business

  • Training data: Massive amounts of text and code used to train the chatbot’s machine learning models for understanding language, generating responses, and completing tasks. This data can come from various sources, including customer support conversations, product manuals, FAQs, and publicly available dialogue datasets.
  • Knowledge base: A structured collection of information specific to the chatbot’s domain, such as product details, company policies, or frequently asked questions and answers.
  • Conversation logs: Recordings of past user interactions, which are anonymized and analyzed to identify patterns, improve response accuracy, and personalize future interactions.
  • User feedback: Explicit feedback provided by users through surveys, ratings, or direct messages, which helps the chatbot understand user satisfaction and areas for improvement.

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