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Web Design , Web Redesign Penang

Are you looking to redesign the website ? If you are keen to redesign your old or traditional website, give me a call. Our consultation is FREE and COFFEE is free as well.

  1. Web Costing
    Website design RM 1600 -RM 4000
  2. Web Redesign
    Website redesign RM 1000 – RM 4000
  3. Digital Marketing
    Facebook Marketing

Our web design process is simple and effective. We just need to set up an appointment. 1 hour of your time will help us to understand more about your product and company. Give us a call today


Web Design Penang

This is our most affordable ecommerce package. Standard web is only price at RM 1600(USD 400) and Ecommerce Website is only priced at RM 2500 (USD 650)

If you would order this package before the Chinese New Year, we will provide you training worth RM 4000 for FREE. The training will go through extensive

  1. Traffic Generation
  2. Social Media Guides/ Fan Page Creation
  3. Free Invoice Could Management Software
    1. Able to ask for payment via email
    2. Able to track invoices and download them
    3. Able to do reminder
    4. Able to managed all invoices paid,unpaid or pending

This offer only valid till 24 January 2020