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Online Business

It is everyone dream to run an online business. To run an online business, there should be 4 key important points before jumping into the ship. You will neee

  1. Website (We can help)
  2. Capital to invest in advertising (You will need at least RM 300 for start ups)
  3. Ideas (We can help)
  4. Methodology (We can help)

To be honest, Nova is specialized in providing web solution for startups. Using our collection of knowledge, we can help you to move from point A to point B at ease. Bottom line, do not mistaken us as web design company. We offer services from web design, start ups and marketing research. On top of that we even offer services for web revamp.


A domain name in China

If you are looking to penetrate China’s market, we may be able to help you. Unlike owing a dot company, the china search engine does not recognized dot com compared to dot cn. However if you are really looking for solutions call us now!!!. We have all the means to set up your web business today.

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