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WordPress Web Design Penang

We provide WordPress Web Design and management services in Penang. There are many reasons why companies around the world use wordpress and we are here to assure you we can handle any kind of wordpress issues. So what do we offer for companies that run their website with wordpress

  1. Fully Managed WordPress Site
  2. Repair database
  3. Repair wordpress site
  4. Custom CSS configuration
  5. Custom PHP Configuration
  6. Theme Deployment
  7. Restoration of wordpress files
  8. WordPress Migration
  9. 2nd Storage Backup Files
  10. Integration with Analytics


Web Design and SEO Company

Seo Penang

Penang is a small island with great potential. With more than 200 000 commercial companies in Georgetown, we are expecting stiff competition where every company is looking to grab larger market share.

  • 80% user search for information and services via mobile phone
  • 5% user only search for information via laptop
  • 15% uses Ipad/ Tab

Do you see the potential in the digital market ? Are you ready go to online ? If you do have a website and it is not working please consider the point below

  • Is your website properly SEO?
  • Is your services distributed in marketplace?
  • Do you brand your company?

If you answer is YES to all the 3 questions above, you may not need our help in web design and consultation. If your answer is NO, please give us a call. You seriously need help