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Online Advertising

Nova provides web design and online advertising. The idea of advertising is to get the message across either via SEO, Social Media or market place. At Nova we provide range of products and with our advertising network, we can help yo to build a power team where that will reduce the cost of advertising

How is our advertising helps you in your business:

  1. Social Media push
  2. Online Campaign manager with SEO (Using Market Samurai Tools)
  3. Backlinks
  4. Marketplace
  5. Internal advertising network

Cost of Advertising?

Cost will range from RM 500 – RM 4000



Web Design Penang – Cheap

Looking for cheap or ultra cheap Web design company in Penang? Yes you found the right company. To be honest we charge you affordable price. We cant really give you super dupper cheap price because we do not use pirated software and images. When we quote you for a web design, you can be sure that all the items comes with license.

How to Redeem 30% off ?

Step 1:
Ask our sales rep to come to your office to discuss about your online project

Step 2:

When we quote you a web design. You will be given a grace period of 3 days to make 70% of the full payment

Step 3:
Enjoy and the project will begin.

The 70% is only entitle for new web design project. The promotion will valid from 15 December 2016 till 15 January 2016.