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Nova Web Business has altogether developed more than 50 Ecommerce websites though out Malaysia.Our Headquarter is located in Penang (Pearl of Orient). Building a website is really simple. Anyone can start and Ecommerce business.

Very often our clients asked us  “Is it expansive to build an ecommerce website?” The answer is “NO!!” An ecommerce website will have a price tag of RM 3000 to RM 8000 for each site. It is all depending on the amount of products you wish to load. If you run a minimarket and wish to upload more than 2000 products then the amount of workload is really huge. We charge you base on the product you wish to insert. However if you wish to save on the cost, learn from us how you can participate to include the products into the system yourself.

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The craze of Ecommerce website is still running wild. If you are keen to start an ecommerce business make sure you have the follwoing

  1. The patience to see it grow
  2. Ample of capital for promotions. Building a website is really cheap but to make ti stand out in the crowd you need some skills to do it
  3. Understand the trend the products
  4. Reliable source
  5. Able to work in fast pace environment. This is crucial since you will be handling delivery. You will need to visit the post office everyday just to make delivery. On top of this you will also need to managed the packaging