Web Design in Penang

Nova Web Business provides solutions for business owner in Penang to owned a website. We are able to design from simple to complicate design within the time frame of 3 months. Our designing fees are affordable and ranging from RM 800 to RM 5000. Do not hesitate to engage us because we give you FREE consultation. Let us help you to bring your business online

Why do you need a website ?
It comes to my attention that many businesses are still relying on traditional marketing. As you know that distribution pamphlets in Penang will only yield you 1% of leads each time you distribute. If you have distributed 10,000 pamphlets, you will gather only 100 leads. It is not confirmed weather all the 100 leads will turn into sales.  Other forms of advertising such as radio, television magazines are really expansive. The airing time for any traditional marketing short  and not cost effective

Nova helps you to build website for your business with fraction of cost. With yearly RM 350 your website will be live DAILY. With our SEO, i am personally assure you that you will be able to tap an additional 30% of your business via online. Our website not only look good in design but effective in our marketing approach