Penang Web + System Integration

Nova provides Web and System integration as well as software development to our customer. We are located in Penang and are willing to give support to Hotels, Restaurants, Car Rental Services, Real Estate Companies, Hospitals, Small as well as Large business owners who needs features in their web or any system integration.

What is System
(HMS) Hotel Management System, (POS) Point of Sales,  Accounting Software, (CRM) Customer Relationship Manager, (FM) Front Desk Manager, (CM) Channel Manager and many more.

What are the charges like?
We charge base on man hours. Depending on complexity and total man hours spend. Our standard rate is RM 500 + RM 40/hr. Meaning we charge a base rate of RM 500 with additional hours spend to integrate the system.

Do you support CCTV Integration and Biometric Test
Yes we do. Most important is the manufacturer must provide us the API code 🙂

Look at the Flow Chart Below

Nova Web