Start a Website for your Business

Since 2020 ,  many companies rely on online websites and mobile apps to market their goods and services.

‘Selling char koay teow’ at the roadside was not allowed during the MCO so hawkers and  restaurant owners rely on food panda, delivery eat , grab food and many other online delivery services to market their goods.

Retailers that do not embrace the new way of marketing their goods online will be badly hit during national lockdown. It is proven in the last 1.5 years that digital marketing has the potential improve your sales.

At Nova, we would like to encourage Malaysian to embrace the importance of online marketing and online presence. Having a website is necessity and it is important tool for your business. Gone are those days where clients prefer walk ins when there are plenty of tools to gather information via the internet.

What we offer

  • Web Building
  • Branding via social media platform
  • Consultation
  • System Provider

Start a website to sell your goods nationally and internationally. Stop operating ‘char koay teow ate the roadside’. Do it online. Get a website and brand it with the help of Nova.