Social Media Games Developer

Social Media Games

At Nova, we are dedicated to enrich the digital community with our SOCIAL MEDIA GAMES. Our games are dedicated to help ONLINE CELEBRITY to sell their products and services. Using social media games can increase ‘traffic/visitors’ to your channel.  We are able to create games such as

  1. Binggo
  2. Jackpot
  3. Guess my Number
  4. Guess my Word
  5. Guess what is inside
  6. Who reaches the finishing line

We have created one game for DEMO purposes. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GAME

The Game is really simple to play. Admin can use this game for social media marketing and crowd pulling. Online retailers can use this website to provide interactive games for participants that stream LIVE with the retailers.

Steps to play the game

  1. Start LIVE session (facebook/tiktok/youtube/Shopee)
  2. Key in name of viewers at the right widget so that they can participate in the games
  3. Make sure you key in 30 names Names must be maximum 10 alphabets
  4. Click ‘LUCKY ME’
  5. System will randomly run and winner will be declared