Ai Writer that is way better than Chatgpt has been amazing. One of the best features of AI Writer is the ability to provide references or (citations) for AI-generated articles.  I am amazed at the amount of details this AI tool can provide. I hate to say this… I am a big fan of Chatgpt but this is a next-level genius.

They offer three subscription tiers: Basic, Standard, and Power. For individual users, I highly recommend the Basic package, which includes up to 40 articles per month, each containing up to 10,000 words. Opting for the Standard tier grants access to generating 120 articles monthly, with a maximum of 5,000 words per article.

Let’s look at the articles generated,



What I like about this AI chatbot is the ability to create quality articles with citations/ references. The citations are important because they establish the credibility of a given article. If you are keen to see a complete article generated by this Check this out.

Check out our Plugins/API page if you need to subscribe. There will be discount