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Best Penang web design with proper skill set


What does it take to build a beautiful and effective website? Are graphics and looks the only ingredients in a modern website?  A website is just like any physical shops. One of the advantage of having a website is the ability tap larger market with minimum advertising fees. According to Forbes and Malaysia Economic Outlook 2021, 70% of the small retailers are relying on websites and other digital tools to boost their revenue. Some businesses rely 90% on digital marketing to help to push their sales in year 2021 and 2022. This trend will continue to rise after a major lockdown due to Covid-19. Investing in website and other digital tools brings great advantages to your company.

At Nova, we have the skill to help you in  building an effective website. We are not jut web designer, we are web marketers too. We have the web skill sets to help you to scale

We build with our skill sets

  1. Modern Website
  2. Modern Business Applications
  3. SEO consultations
  4. SEO implementations
  5. Graphic and Logo Design
  6. System integrations
  7. PHP, Javascript, MySQL

Do not hesitate to tall us. Our consultation is free? You just need to buy me a coffee to learn more about your business then we can slowly scale from there