Web Design with API Integration

Web Design Company in Penang that helps to integrate API

Nova Web Business is located in Penang, Malaysia. Today we are living in a digital world where website serves more than just a corporate image.  A website should look good and serves information to your clients or users. Lets imagine a ‘Tour website’; would you like to have a website that is only look good or an elegant website fully integrated with airlines system, daily weather report and hotel booking system? You know the answer

How can web application benefits your team?
We app are rich in Data mining capabilities. The more data you havecollected from your clients, the easier your sales and marketing team able to maximized profits.

How can web applications benefits your clients?
Clients need more information when visiting website. Besides the looks, they are looking for more information related to products and services. A good website should not just attract customers to your site, but it should be able to retain clients and convert sales leads to loyal clients.

Case Study 1:
Retail shops like Starbucks retain loyal customers by building apps that allow clients to collect points. This marketing strategy converts customers to loyal customers

Case study 2:
Some retailers gathers personal data to launch promotional campaign. Look at Pendora, they often send out year end promotional information to all their clients. These are the methods used to attract new and existing clients.

Look at all the big brands, their website is not just a showcase of items and services. They provide logins so that clients are able to utilized the systems  own benefits


Look below, we created a website with the use of TailwindCSS (Modern Cascading Stylesheet) and integrate the entire website to airplane API. This website provides all the flight information in KLIA. Would you think this is an amazing feature where user can view all the flights data just from this website. Would you think that a modern tour website can benefit using the website to travel in Malaysia? For more information you can visit klia.novawebbusiness.com