Web Application Penang

Nova Web Business is not just any web development company. We provide many types of services ranging from design services to web applications or database applications development.  When you engage our service, we will provide you free consultation. Our team of experts has been developing systems for many years. We will guide you from start to the end of the development process. You will have a chance to fully understand your system. More about our products. : Click Here

Here are some of our services and the summary of the prices. The price below is just base on estimation. 

  1. 1 Level Login (Admin Login) – RM 2000
  2. 2 Level Login (Admin & Client Logging)- RM5000
  3. 3 Level Login  (Super Admin , Admin @ Client Login)- RM 7000
  4. Database management 1 Table  – RM 1000
  5. Database management 2 Table –  RM 2000
  6. Database management 3 Table –  RM 3000
  7. Algorithm and Logics Easy- RM 3000
  8. Algorithm and Logics Advance RM 5000
  9. Domain + Hosting – RM  650/year
  10. Yearly Support –  RM 3000/year


The benefits of using web-based applications
  • Accessibility across devices for users.
  • Customization for different devices.
  • Integration with other systems.
  • Maintenance headaches removed.
  • Increased flexibility and scalability.
  • Protecting your data.
  • Using web-based applications.

Here are some of the samples for your reference: