Website Design Penang Price

What is the price to build a website ?  Why are there such a big price difference between software companies when quoting for web design ? To answer the question, it boils down to the factors below.

  1. Design Complexity
  2. Support and Services
  3. Consultation

Design Complexity

Designing website will always have challenges. At Nova we are able to build many types of website. If you need more information, please click to view our services and understand the price range (View the cost and price structures)

Support and Services

Nova never run from web related issues. We are reliable and we ensure that our clients are happy with the services we provide. At Nova, we dont just treat you like our clients. We treat you as our partners and hope that you will continue to engage our services. Types of support

  1. Basic Support
  2. Dedicated Support


OK. many of you would think , why would i need consultation when i have an idea what is needed in my website? The answer is simple, building a website is different from building an effective website. A website is like a store, to be exact:- A website is a digital store. Building a website needs through understanding about the product as well as deep knowledge how users navigate your store.  An experience web developer (Nova Web) will help you to plan an effective website. At Nova, we guide clients to ultimately produce quality leads via the digital store.


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