Website Animation Designer Penang


There is a sudden surge of request when comes to animation and design. Having animation will improve your website engagements score.. Animation brings out the character and makes the website standout. Animations will also give an impression that the company is reputable and sophisticated. An engaging website will improve retention rate and thus help in converting leads to sales. Nova is a web design company in Penang, we have more than 10 years designing website that works. Our design is clean and sophisticated.

Some of the common questions asked by public:-

Will animation slows down a website ?
Yes. it will. I is important that your designer keep in the ration of 10% in the entire website excluding the slider. Animation uses javascript so it will definitely slows down the website.

What would you recommend when we deal with animated website?
1) Keep the website 10% animated
2) Banners should have no more than 3 images
3) Compress and optimized the images
4) Use SSD Hosting site.

What are the common types of animation?
1) Text Animation
b) Image Animation
c) Box animation

Note:// Some of the animation uses lazy loading. Please do not use lazy loading because it may cause other animation to stop working due to its slow effects