Wave and Blob Design for your Website


Ever wonder how some websites come with various shapes such as waves and blobs? You may be wondering how these .jpg, .png, and .svg forms are created. Let me introduce 2 websites that are able to help you in your web development.

  1. https://www.blobmaker.app
  2. https://getwaves.io
  3. https://haikei.app



We use this to create designs for text or image overlay. Placing images or text with a blob makes the entire image ‘pop’. The application is able to provide multi-color blob design for your website. You do not need any graphic design courses to design a blob when you have blob maker. Best part, you can download as SVG format.



Usually, the wave design is a page separator. You will be very surprised how much this design can help in the outlook. The website provides irregular shapes of waves which can be very appealing to the visitor’s eyes. You can download the files in PNG and SVG.

Are you looking to design an abstract website? Rather than having a design in boxes, why not create a design with irregular/ abstract shapes? Gone to those days when boxes are used to set as a frame for images.  Modernized your website today? – Wait no longer. Mordenized website today


Our Latest Project implementing BLOB (Look below at our sample design)