Does dedicated IP helps in SEO


Yes and No. Dedicated IP does not help to boost SEO but dedicated IP provides security and improves the speed and performance of your website. Here are the advantages of having a dedicated IP.

  1. Clean IP address. Creates trust. Since you don’t share your IP address, your IP will not be blacklisted. Getting a bad IP address usually causes problems with sending mails. Most of your emails will go to your spam box.
  2. Prevent being blacklisted. Some antivirus will block your website when you are using a shared IP address. Don’t be surprised if your website is blocked in Airport and some organisations. You may not be the culprit but some other websites that share the same IP  with you must have abused it (sending spam mails.).
  3. Better speed and performance
  4. Faster Upload speed and download speed. Imagine you allow customers to download the catalogue. You want them to be able to vie and download quickly. You do not want your client to wait too long.

Final question?
Should you get a dedicated IP address?  Yes. It is not expensive.

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