Integrate Stripe into Codeigniter 4

Here are some tips on integrating Stripe into your PHP Framework (Codeiginter 4). Simple approach



Public function order(){


$data = [

‘amount’ = 100

‘quantity’ = 1



header(‘Content-Type: application/json’);


$YOUR_DOMAIN = base_url();


$checkout_session = \Stripe\Checkout\Session::create([

‘line_items’ => [[

# Provide the exact Price ID (e.g. pr_1234) of the product you want to sell

‘price’ => $data[‘amount’],

‘quantity’ => 1,


‘mode’ => ‘payment’,

‘success_url’ => $YOUR_DOMAIN . ‘success’,  // send to success controller

‘cancel_url’ => $YOUR_DOMAIN . ‘cancel’, // send to cancel controller



//stripe checkout ends

$data[‘stripe’]= $checkout_session->url;

return view(‘Webpayments’,$data);



Public function success(){


Return view(‘Success’);   // Need to create a View page for Success.php




Public function cancel(){

Return view(‘Cancel’);  //Need to create a view page for Cancel.php




<?= $this->extend(‘/layout/base.php’) ?>

<?= $this->section(‘content’) ?>

<?= $this->include(‘/layout/navigation.php’) ?>


<div class=”content-wrapper”>

<section class=”wrapper bg-gradient-primary”>

<div class=”container pt-10 pt-md-14 pb-8 text-center”>

<div class=”row”>

<div class=”col”>

<img src=”./assets/img/photos/stripe.png” alt=”Stripe”>

<p>Make Payment via Credit Card, FPX and Stripe</p>

<a class= ‘btn btn-success’ href=”<?= esc($stripe)?>”>Make Payment Now</a>


<div class=”col”>

<img src=”./assets/img/photos/Duitnow1.png” alt=”Stripe”>

<p>Scan The Duit Now if you are planning to make payment via Duitnow. You can transfer payment via <br>Touch N Go to 0124594388 <br> Yaw Kean Huat <br> Once you have made payment please message me via the phone number provided </p>








<?= $this->endSection() ?>