Top 5 Best Website Design Company in Penang

Being in the industry for more than 6 years, Nova is one of the best web design companies in Penang, Malaysia. We have built many successful websites for our clients in Penang as well as other parts of Malaysia. What Nova is capable of building for your company is amazing. We are not just great artists, we are tech-savvy as well. Here is a full list of our services:

WordPress Design

  1. Simple Logo Design
  2. Able to integrate with a Facebook fan page, Twitter, and Facebook Like
  3. Unlimited products
  4. Product with multi-variation
  5. SEO integration worth
  6. Credit Card payment Integration (Woocommerce, Senang Pay, Stripe, Paypal)
  7. Image Redesign
  8. Premium Design
  9. Google GPS map – Local Directory Listing
  10. Shopping Cart. Up to 5000 items

Web Applications

  1. 1 Level Login (Admin Login)
  2. 2 Level Login (Admin & Client Login)
  3. 3 Level Login  (Super Admin, Admin @ Client Login)
  4. Database Management 1 Table
  5. Algorithm and Logics Easy
  6. Algorithm and Logics Advance
  7. Domain + Hosting
  8. Yearly Support

Games Development

  1. Educational games
  2. Web games for promotional events
  3. Web Games Integration from third-party websites
  4. Games for crowd pulling