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You notice that there is a new low-code framework that you can use to produce web applications. At Nova, we are able to assist you in developing low-code applications using bubble.io. Since this is a low-code application, the web application will not have any source code instead it is built on the SASS platform. Once we have completed then entire project, you can opt to let us handle the bubble.io account or we can transfer 100% ownership to your bublle.io account


Building tech is slow and expensive. Bubble is the most powerful no-code platform for creating digital products. Build better and faster.

NEED A DEVELOPER ? Let Nova helps you


These are only some of the plugins used by bubble.io. We believe bubble.io will continue to grow it plugins ecosystem.


These are the monthly bubble.io fees. Not too bad for startups or small and medium industries. The fees are reasonable since web applications are expensive. With low-code applications like bubble.io, you do expect web application fees to drop by 70% and maintenance will drop by 80%.

Note: The fees above does not include the developmental cost. Please consult us fi you need our assistance to create a web application using bubble.io.