Web CRM to boost your Business


Lately, many small and medium companies have been looking for CRM solutions. While there are many options in the market, the question what are the benefits of CRM solutions

  1. Ability  to collect leads from multiple funnels
  2. Web Hooks which CRM companies have developed. Easy implementation and integration with ad providers such as Google Adwords
  3. Most CRM comes with Email Marketing services which can send mail for marketing
  4. Some CRMs do provide POS (Point of Sales System) for physical store
  5. Some CRMs come with websites with Drag and Drop Builder
  6. All CRMs provide accounting services.
  7. Bundle solutions make CRM solutions affordable

The price range of CRM is around RM 30 – RM 80/month/user. If you are a startup you may find that this is a bit pricey, so if that is the case why not use Suite CRM? You can install it locally in your web server for FREE. You can create a subdomain and then install suite CRM. 

Engage Nova and we can help you to set up your following services

  • Website Design
  • Installation of CRM Services
  • Training and services
  • Configuring your Website and CRM solutions

Simple sample of CRM (Tested the Suite CRM)