Icons are important to Website

Icons are important to represent information. Using the right icons on the website helps viewers to grasp the information easily without reading the text. Generally, viewers are lazy, ppl prefer to skim through the content rather than read word by word. Icons and infographics help viewers to visualise information without combing through word by word.

Icon design and practicality

  1. Try to use/design icons that are common and familiar
  2. Icons must be easily recognised and self-explanatory

Let’s look at how the icons play their role in web presentation
Simple icons present information effectively.

Icons in infographics on websites offer several advantages:

  1. Clear Communication: Icons replace complex ideas with simple, easy-to-understand symbols, making information clearer.
  2. Easier to Read: They break down content, making it easier to scan and understand quickly.
  3. Engaging: Well-designed icons attract attention and make the content more interesting, keeping visitors engaged.
  4. Quick Understanding: Icons convey messages faster than text, saving space and time.
  5. Universal and Memorable: Icons are often recognized by everyone, regardless of language, and they help people remember information better.
  6. Brand Identity: They can be designed to match a brand’s style, contributing to its recognition.
  7. Mobile-Friendly: Icons work well on mobile screens, fitting neatly without losing quality.


Look at the website which implements icons
Readers can grasp the company’s offerings without having to go through the entire text. By looking at the header, diagram, and icons, they can quickly understand the website’s content. If they’re intrigued, they might decide to delve deeper into the text.

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