Fast Speed Website Design in Penang, Malaysia

Looking for fast speed website design in Penang or Malaysia? Now we are promoting Lightning package where we deliver your website in 2 days. Amazing right!! There are condition if you need a fast and reliable websites

Here are the lists

  1. You will need to use our hosting
  2. Website should not be more than 3 pages inclusive of front page
    • Front Page (Cutomer must provide up to 200 words)
    • Services (1 Image for services)
    • Contact us form (Clients must use gmail)
  3. Images should be provided or purchased from shutterstock.
  4. Banner images (2 images)

Price RM 1800 + RM 380 yearly maintenance

Additional Features
– We will charge you RM 300 for free 1 video display on front page
– Automate link from facebook to website to make content updgrade easier