Deal Site Website Installation

Want to own a deal site such as the one similar to Coupon websites. These are the latest e-commerce website available for many enthusiast business owner. The website looks very similar like Groupon but they have some twist of design. If you are interested, you may give us a call. Since this is just a template website with many integration, the price of installation this website is relatively cheap compared to a total rebuild.  Just give me a call at 012-4594388 if you would need any of this service.

Please understand we do not custom build the Deal Site. It would cost like RM 35k and above to create a site like deal site. What we provide are template design for your deal site.

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Perlis Web Design

We are extending our services to any company in Perlis who wants to build a simple/ complex websites. We are keen to help you to go online. There are so many reason why you need to choose us as your leading company. We have build more than 200 websites and our customers have achieved sales over RM 20 millions from the website for the last 2 years.

Basic requirement for website.
The looks must be great and it is also have plenty of potentials to rank to the top of the search engine. Many clients do not understand that website needs to rank else you will be building a website for no apparent reason.

What we promise you!!!!
Nova promises that the website you build with us will not just look good but helps in sales conversion. We have been helping SMI to douple and even tripple their sales with just website. Your investment on your website will have ROI of 500% and some even yield up to a 1000% in the first year!!! Amazing right.