Driving Traffic to your Site

The idea of running a website is to tap into the online sales. We do not want to miss out this opportunity since online sales  can contribute to a substantial amount of revenue to your company. Running a dot com can be really messy if we make the first wrong move. So,  what is the most important agenda you need to accomplish once you set up a website? Answer is TRAFFIC.

Many of us understand that TRAFFIC leads to LEADS. The more traffic you have the more leads you gather. It is all game of numbers. A  good website should be able to achieve 300-500 visitors a day. With that volume, you will be able to increase 10-50% extra revenue from online sales.

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Web Blog to Earn Money

Web Blog can help you to earn some passive income . With the integration of googleads and medianet, a blogger can earn a decent income of USD 50 – USD 500 permonth. The income is not much but it is sufficient to help you to pay for some of the basic necessities . Nova web business does not only design great web blog, we help our bloggers to target specific keywords to earn more income from blogging. You may want to consider our services if you are keen to earn some extra dough in blogging.

“”Sharing is Caring, Sharing helps earning”

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